Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm taking a break from these fabolous T.Jenks Totes I'm making to make a Price List that definitely needs to be up, so here it is:

T.Jenks Party Dresses- $25-$40
T.Jenks Summer Dresses/Day dresses-$15-$20
T.Jenks Tees-$15
T.Jenks Totes-$15
T.Jenks Vests, Shorts-$10-$15
T.Jenks Cardigans-$10-$15 Customized-$20
T.Jenks Rings and Earrings-As a set-$8.00 Rings-$6.50 Earrings-3.50
Anything else ask me!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So quick shoutout to my barbie Kystal 'Dixie' Mack who got a dress made for a wedding and one thing that is like the BEST BEST gift anyone can give me is when they get something made they take pictures. Its like ahigh for me to see people in my clothing, so here is a photo of her in a T.Jenks original!!
Chello People It's T.Jenks! I decided to start a blog to keep you up with what's going on in my world. For everyone who isn't aware T.Jenks is my line of clothing for the gents and the ladies. It's for anyone who has a true clue as to what it is to be fashionable and a definite trendsetter. Every garment is full of vibrance and wackiness that draws the eye instantly. I'm going to let the clothes speak for themselves. On this blog you'll be able to leave me comments on what you think, e-mail me requests for garments, everything. So right now I'm going to get back to making these new T.Jenks totes and puting the finishing touches on some tees that I'm working on at 1:27p.m. so until then...xoxo T.Jenks